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  • Washing Your Hands
    What’s more powerful than a speeding vaccine? Soap and water! Wash your hands, wash them well, and wash them often, and you’ll protect yourself from illness. Washing your hand... Read More »

  • Top 10 Wellness Tips
    Improve your overall well-being through a healthy lifestyle. Use these 10 simple tips for better health and wellness. By Chris Iliades, MD Medically reviewed by Cynthia Haines,... Read More »

  • Strokes are Declining
    Stroke Rates Are Declining by Nicholas Bakalar. The incidence of stroke in the United States has declined significantly over the past two decades, a new analysis has found. Th... Read More »

  • Staying Healthy Over 50
    How to Feel Young and Live Life to the Fullest Staying healthy and feeling your best is important at any age and that doesn’t change just because you have a few more grey hairs.... Read More »

  • Re-apply Sunscreen
    Ask Well: Reapply Your SunscreenBy CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS Q. We are told that sunscreen breaks down after two hours. Does it break down at the same rate out of the sun? How ma... Read More »

  • Heart Health
    3 Things to Know About Niacin and Heart Health By Harlan M. Krumholz, M.D.Recent studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine are adding to concerns about the safety... Read More »

  • Ditch the Low Fat Diet
    A new book challenging the idea that fatty foods are bad for the heart has garnered a lot of attention in the press, while generating visions of steak, pizza and ice cream for thos... Read More »

  • Benefits of Using Dental Floss
    Add flossing to your daily dental routine and you’ll experience a cleaner, healthier smile. Most people either forget about flossing or put it low on their list of priorities bec... Read More »


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