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Physicians Medical Group of San Jose

PMGSJ is a dedicated group of physicians who joined together in 1980 to form an IPA for the purpose of providing health care to their patients who were enrolled in Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) or Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs).

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For Providers

Choosing a personal physician or Primary Care Physician is one of the most important decisions...

For Members

Welcome to Physicians Medical Group of San Jose, Inc. and EXCEL MSO. The physicians and staff in these...

Urgent Care

Medical emergencies are injuries or sudden (or worsened) illnesses that threaten or could permanently...

Our Health Plans

You can find information on PMGSJ Health Plans and contracted products here. Look up your HMO, PPO ...

Because your Health Matters

Information on health and wellbeing

Medicare Facts


As a Medicare beneficiary, you have the option to enroll in Medicare Advantage Plans. These plans offer medical benefits covered under both Parts A and B. Most Medicare...

Immunizations & Medication


Medicines are used to treat infectious diseases, manage symptoms of chronic diseases, and help relieve pain and suffering. Medicines are generally safe when used...

Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and Diet

The Council on Food and Nutrition of the American Medical Association defines nutrition as the science of food; the nutrients and the substances therein...


Mind and Body


Diet and exercise play an important part in our health and wellbeing, but your activities to affect our general mood and our mind can also play a big part in a healthy lifestyle.



Exercise can be performed in many forms, running, walking and even gardening are all examples. Regular exercise and physical activity is an important part of health...

Health and Wellness

Group of people running in field.

When faced with decisions and healthy choices which can impact your health, it’s important to remember that there are options and resources to help you make healthy...