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Lab and Radiology



Please note: All lab work must be performed by BioReference and requires an order from your physician. If it is necessary to order a lab test which can not be performed by BioReference, a prior authorization request from your physician may be sent to Excel MSO. To find a BioReference close to your home or work, please visit www.bioreference.com.


Please note: routine x-rays including contrast studies and diagnostic ultrasounds DO NOT NEED an authorization at the following contracted facilities. However, bone density, CT scans, diagnostic infertility studies, MRI’s and nuclear medicine scans, and PET scans REQUIRE an authorization for all members at all facilities.

Valley Radiology Medical Associates, Inc. (www.valleyradiologyimaging.com)
125 Ciro Ave., Suite 220 & 230, San Jose, CA 95128 Phone: 408-297-4591
555 Knowles Drive, Suite 116, Los Gatos, CA 94530 Phone: 408-374-5001
2385 Montpelier Dr., San Jose, CA 95116 Phone: 408-964-1000
285 South Dr., Suite 5, Mountain View, CA 94040 Phone: 650-967-1331
801 Brewster Ave., Suite 100, Redwood City, CA 94063 Phone: 650-368-1302
2581 Samaritan Dr., Suites 100 and 206, San Jose , CA 95124 Phone: 408-358-6881
San Jose Imaging Center
361 S. Monroe St., San Jose, CA 95128 Phone: 408-556-1500
Just X-Rays
244 N. Jackson Ave., San Jose, CA 95116 Phone: 408-272-2727
Saint Louise Regional Hospital (http://www.saintlouiseregionalhospital.org)
9400 No Name Uno, Gilroy, CA 95020 Phone: 408-848-2000
PET/CT Imaging of San Jose (www.pet-imaging.org)
2211 Moorepark Avenue, Suite 220, San Jose, CA 95128 Phone: 408-297-8844
O’Connor Hospital (https://oconnor.verity.org/)
2105 Forest Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128 Phone: 408-947-2500
South Valley Imaging Center (www.southvalleyimaging.com)
8359 Church Street, Gilroy, CA 95020 Phone: 408-842-0855
Santa Clara Imaging Center (www.santaclaraimaging.com)
1825 Civic Center Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95050 Phone: 408-296-5555
Sunnyvale Imaging Center (www.sunnyvaleimagingcenter.com)
586 South Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94056 Phone: 408-738-0232
Regional Medical Center of San Jose
225 N. Jackson Ave, San Jose, CA 95116 Phone: 408-259-5000
Silicon Valley Medical Imaging (www.svmedicalimaging.com)
2191 Mowry Ave., Suite 500-H Phone: 510-792-9700

Call Member Services Department at (408) 937-3642 if you have questions.

PMGMD Lab and Radiology Provider Listing